Freelance Work

Toys, Gifts, and Jewelry

1980-present d.b.a. Wes and Willy Freelance Co.

Handpainting prototypes, product design, presentation illustration, and production handpainting for toys, gifts and jewelry.

My toy design work relates to those parts that will be spray painted or printed in production. Because I am a designer and a handpainter with exceptional technique (sharp edges and virtually no brush strokes), and excellent color matching skills, I am able to design directly on castings or vinyl skins with paint. The result is a first draft design that is used for presentations and graphics models. I am able to base spray models and do free-spray deco. I work well with other designers, interpreting drawings and other reference materials.



  • Hasbro Toys
  • Kiscom Nature Co.
  • Arco Toys
  • Pamela Sweet
  • Great Notions Corp.
  • Fisher Price Brands
  • Greg Hyman Assoc.
  • Topps Inc
  • Tyco Toys
  • Bergman Design Co.
  • Malden International
  • Shelcore Toys
  • Toycept Inc.
  • Discovery Marketing And Design
  • Little Tikes Co.
  • Kiddesigns
  • Treat Entertainment
  • Playskool
  • LCD
  • Zima Products
  • Canada Games
  • Lori Bussison
  • Boston Warehouse
  • Galoob Toys
  • Reiss Design
  • Meritus Industries
  • Play By Play
  • Louise Lafond
  • Re:Play
  • Unimax Toys
  • The Family Co.
  • Irwin Toys
  • Happiness Express
  • Mattel
  • Mt. Laurel
  • Spin Master Toys
  • Toy Biz


Selected Projects

  • Littlest Pet Shop
  • Hook-ups
  • Shoezies
  • Little Tikes Toddle Tots
  • Surprise Hat Susie
  • Action Flats
  • Puppy, Bunny, Pony and Kitty Surprise
  • Barbie Pretty Luvin’ Pets
  • CPK Crimp N’ Curl Pony
  • Baby Wiggles and Giggles
  • CPK Magic Meadows Ponies
  • California Roller Girl
  • CPK Pets